Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wellll, I realized slightly before Cara expressed the same sentiment on her own blog that I'm not cut out for photo blogging, at least not at this point in time!! Although I wasn't courteous enough to make the announcement to the world (the vast majority of which doesn't give a hoot anyway, so I assumed myself off the hook), I have recently decided a few things...

1. My camera will be coming with me to Costa Rica this summer
2. I WILL be keeping a photo blog of my trip.
3. This will be the place to see it! No need to start a new blog... after all, the title "The Drifting Leaf" encompasses any adventure that could possibly come my way, anyway!

As the countdown dwindles to under a month, my excitement is mounting, though the reality that I'll be traveling out of the country for the first time hasn't quite sunk in yet. Therefore I leave you all with something simple to sum up my anticipation of the event.... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Costa Rica blog will be :D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catching up, again!!

Goodness... what a hiatus! I need to get better at this... since I can take photos from my iPod maybe that will help in the future, but I'm having trouble sticking with any daily prompts.

Today was a great day for a photo-op! It finally decided to get wintry around here, so Krista and I went out for a sledding excursion! The following fun ensued :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Catching Up!

The last few days, as mentioned in my previous post, have been a liiiittle busy, so I decided to catch up tonight in a "shooting spree." Here are the results!

Day 5: Lunch

Since I didn't get to photograph my lunch that day (or any day since then, for that matter), I thought I'd use someone else's skills to sum up what I consider to be a pretty typical lunch...

I mean, sometimes I eat things OTHER than cookies (okay, almost all times), but who better to express the complex feelings of glee that accompany lunchtime than our beloved blue friend? So that's that. On to the photos I took!

Day 6: Light

Although this example may have been more appropriate for a previous calling for a photograph incorporating reflection, reflection is indeed related to the focus of light. My sister shined our silver baby cups our Aunt Debbie sent us, and it was fascinating to me that they are so reflective. I love the little haloes of light they give off, especially Krista's which has a rim that curves outward.

Day 7: Inside Your Fridge

Much like the Force, my fridge has taken on a light side and a dark side. More impressive though, and enviable even by Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's standards, is the milk section. Although we don't carry anything blue and suspiciously pulpy looking, we have everything from regular old skim (back right) to lactose free (back left), soy milk, and almond milk. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wowwww, it's been quite a weekend! Meetings and work yesterday and a surprise 15-hour work day today erased all time for photography, but I plan to catch up ASAP!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Something I Made" (Day 3)

New from Capriccioso!

"Guilty Pleasure" (Day 2)

This one's going to take some explaining...

When I thought of a "guilty pleasure" I automatically thought of food, but I figured this might be a pretty typical idea. Half of me really wanted to indulge in something decadent simply for the sake of taking a picture (oh, and being a glutton...), but half of me really wanted to stay away from food entirely. Sooooo conceptually, my former half won, but for all intents and purposes... well... you'll see.

The fact of the matter is that "Guilty Pleasure" day fell on a Tuesday, which falls directly in line with wing night at my... place-of-employment-which-shall-go-unnamed-as-per-request-of-said-place-of-employment's-internet-media-or-whathaveyou-policy. Yeah that one. When we first opened, I got the immense privilege of running wing night - 6 delightful hours of filling order after order after order ad infinitum of smelly, slimy little chicken wings that for some reason all of Canton swarms after on a weekly (if not daily) basis. Wing night was to be the bane of my existence for months on end. Tuesday night was not just another night of the week... it was quickly transformed into a night of fear and loathing.

Fast-forward about 3 years, and I am no longer the "wing wench."  Instead I work on the station that handles wraps, salads, sandwiches, and all things NOT fried in grease and entirely lacking in nutritional value. In other words, on wing night, I work the Brownie Station, thus nicknamed by "moi" because very few people order from the rest of the kitchen on Tuesday nights - wings dominate, and the only fun I get is running back to the walk-in cooler for brownie after brownie once our guests decide the smorgasbord is winding down and move on to dessert. This, to me, is a guilty pleasure not because I get to look down the line and have a mirthless, unfeeling laugh at what you see in these pictures (my co-workers sweating their butts off while satiating the wing-lust of Canton, Ohio), but because I do in fact feel a twang of knowing pain every time I glance down the line... and then happily turn around to face the grand challenge of going to grab the next brownie!

Check, please!